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Need help?

We're here for you!

Transferring does not mean to exchange tickets.

Go to My Account (same one used to purchase) and click the Transfer button on your order. You'll be able to transfer some or all of your tickets.

Desktop Example
Mobile App Example

Then follow the simple steps and remember, the recipient's email address must be different than the sender's email address. The recipient will need to sign in or create a Ticketmaster account when accepting tickets.

Please Note: Not all events have the Ticket Transfer option. If there is no Transfer button on your order, Ticket Transfer is not available.

Get our app to send tickets from your phone (app is only available in the US and Canada)

We’ll email you as soon as your friend accepts the tickets, and we’ll email your friend a reminder if they haven’t accepted 48 hours before the event (you can remind them too).

Once your friend accepts the transfer, trash (or recycle!) your original tickets if you printed them. They’re no longer valid and won’t get you in.

If you are having difficulty transferring your ticket, Click HERE to Contact Fan Support.

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